All Kind of Office Essentials

Apex Clear Tape

-1" 35mtr

Apex Brown Tape

2"-35mtr / 3"-65mtr

Double Sided Foam Tape

Tissue Tape

Tape Dispenser

Small Tape

3M Scotch Magic Tapes

Industrial Tape Dispenser

kangaroo Stapler HD-10D


kangaroo Stapler HP 45

kangaroo Stapler Pin


Kangaroo Stapler Pin

No. 10

Kangaroo Punch dp 600

Kangaroo Punch dp 800


Solo magazine Rack

Set Of 2 Pcs

Binder Clips

15mm/ 19mm/ 32mm..

Paper clips-and-pins-

CASIO Calculator

MJ-120-12 Digit

CASIO Calculator

MJ-100-10 Digit

Citizen Calculator

CT- 512 -12 Digit

Citizen Calculator

CT-555 12 Digit

Duracell-"AA" Batteries

1.5v (As Per Mrp)

Duracell-"AAA" Batteries

1.5v (As Per Mrp)

Steel Scale




Correction Pen

Omega Tray

Set Of 4

Mesh Tray